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Freeview Television

Do you want to receive additional TV channels for your viewing pleasure, without having a dish installed or having to pay a monthly subscription? Then ‘Freeview’ is the answer! So, what is Freeview? ‘Freeview’ is an alternative to Sky TV, and is already available and being broadcast to approximately 70-80% of the UK to date. (If you would like to check if you are in a ‘Freeview’ coverage area, please visit our website and go to the ‘Freeview’ section). Unlike other digital services (satellite & cable), there is no monthly subscription or fee required, with approximately 40 TV stations, ranging from family entertainment with the likes of E4, ITV2 & 3, BBC3 & 4, News & Lifestyle channels (QVC & UKTV Bright Ideas). There is also entertainment for the children with ‘CBeebies’ & ‘CBBC’. Additionally, also available are 20 digital radio channels, including Radio 1 & 2, to ‘Smash Hits’ & ‘Kiss’. The main attraction of ‘Freeview’ is the channels available are free, however, for a small monthly fee, the Top Up TV service can be obtained through a compatible ‘Freeview’ receiver, to include channels such as Cartoon Network, UKTV Gold, Discovery Channel and more)*.