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Team Building Prevents Espionage

We’ve all seen the television shows where someone enters the office of a high profile businessman and uses a pocket camera to, through nefarious means, photograph some of their trade secrets or other insider information and then, under cover of darkness, escape undetected. It all seems disreputable as we stare at the flickering screen. Invariably a janitor makes his way into the office just as the thief dives under the desk and hopes not to be noticed. The music is tense, but the unwitting janitor never discovers the thief while dumping so much potential evidence into the communal trash bin. I don’t know how you handle sensitive data in your company, but I do know that when you put team building principles in action you may be less likely to see company data stolen by your team members. The principle is essentially that the team leader mentors his or her staff in such a way that there is very little any team member is interested in stealing.