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Which Is Better? The Plasma Television Versus The LCD

Are you still using that dated old “tube” television set? Are you drawn to the electronics section at your local Best Buy where you walk slowly down every aisle fantasizing about watching an action packed thriller on one of those crisp, gorgeous devices? Are you baffled by the price ranges, and confused over the qualities? If that’s what’s keeping you from buying the television of your dreams, it’s time to do your homework. The two biggest questions about the television market today is, “what’s the difference between the plasma television versus the LCD?” Plasma Television Versus The LCD There are a few important things to compare when deciding which type of set to purchase. Plasma TVs are the current size champions, particularly when comparing TVs that consumers can easily purchase. Screen size, viewing angle, screen refresh rates, burn-in or stuck pixels, and product life-span are all areas that you want to pay close attention to when shopping. When comparing the plasma television versus the LCD, start with size options. With a plasma, screen sizes range from 32 inches to 63 inches.